NASA-Funded Website ‘Backyard Worlds’ Enables Common Public to Search Celestial Objects
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NASA-Funded Website ‘Backyard Worlds’ Enables Common Public to Search Celestial Objects

If you are a space enthusiast and dreaming of participating in NASA’s space exploration missions, then here’s the golden opportunity for you. NASA is now inviting people to help in exploring the so-called Planet 9 or Planet X from the short documentary film, created by the engineers.

NASA has introduced a web portal, which will allow Citizen Scientists to join an online explorative mission under which, the general people will search for the unknown icy worlds, brown dwarf planets, and other anonymous celestial objects, moving beyond the orbit of Neptune. The online space hunt mission also includes the potential exploration of Planet 9 or Planet X, which is yet to be precisely identified by the astronomers.

NASA funded Website ‘Backyard Worlds’ is the portal through which people will be allowed to take part in space and planet hunt missions. For this mission, NASA has developed a documentary film from the imagery data, captured by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission – a method, which is pretty similar to the technique that led to the discovery of Pluto, some 87 years ago.

The “Backyard Worlds” website is packed with millions of mini-movies that are created by the developers and astronomers of NASA. The short films integrate infrared imagery transmitted by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer or WISE. The movies are representing the vast territory of the sky and its different views and on-going activities at different times.

NASA now has invited space enthusiasts and volunteers to watch the mini-movies and search for blabbermouth changes in the status of points of brightness flanked by one sight and another. Other promising prospects, which are expected to hold clues to new explorations, are already flagged for a detailed follow-up by professional astronomers.

According to Marc Kuchner, the lead researcher of the project and also an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, “The movies, presented by NASA on the web portal are created by the merge of pictures taken by the WISE mission. The films have highlighted a number of extraterrestrial objects that have slowly roamed around the sky. If there is something like Planet 9 – an incredibly vivid planet; then through the imagery inspection of WISE, it will be confirmed.

Taking the statement further, Marc added, “There are more than four light years provinces stuck between Neptune and Proxima Centauri – the closest star, and much of this enormous terrain is yet to be explored. The through exploration of this vast territory may pave new paths for the discovery of new planets for our solar system.”