04 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

Celestial Valentine: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope Detects Tumultuous Romance between Star and Planet

Valentine day is around the corner, and the entire world is busy in expressing their love to their special persons. But do you know, in the angelic realm, there is a couple who are also celebrating the love week? Jokes apart, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, which is the fourth and final telescope of NASA Great […]

3 mins read

Astronomers Using Radial Velocity Method Detect Over 100 New Potential Exoplanets

Scientists have released the data of a two-decade-long planet hunting program for public access, which suggest the presence of new unidentified 114 potential exoplanets in Space. By drawing upon the most successful technique for detecting alien life, astronomers have discovered more than 100 potential planets in space. During a vital exoplanet-observation mission, a team of […]

2 mins read

Radio Telescope ‘Arecibo Observatory’ Films a Fast-Moving, Peanut-Like Asteroid

The huge Radio Telescope called ‘Arecibo Observatory’, intended for searching radio signals from extraterrestrial lives has filmed a faster-moving, peanut-like space rock. The asteroid called “2015 BN509” is spotted moving at a faster pace in the space. It has an adorable appearance like a massive peanut. Scientists expected it to some-day crash into earth’s atmosphere, […]

2 mins read

Enormous Spitballs Are Being Fired from Milkyway’s Black Hole, Which Can Cuts Stars into 100 Million Jupiter

Black holes, their existence, and their configuration have always been a great source of an enigma for worldwide astronomers and to boost up this mystery more, scientists have discovered a new theory that can revolutionize the existing theories related to black holes. As per the astronomers, the core of every galaxy has a supermassive black […]

2 mins read

China to Put Up World’s Highest-Altitude Gravitational Wave Telescope in Tibet By 2021   

China is soon to add a new celebrated folio to its existing space exploration missions, as the country is gearing up for introducing sky-high altitude gravitational wave telescopes in Tibet. According to the announcement made by an official of National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, The soon-to-be-employed altitude telescopes will be world’s […]

2 mins read

NASA’s Telescope Spot Two Monstrous Black Holes Hidden in Blankets of Astral Gases And Dust

An international team of scientists, using the telescopic data provided by one of NASA’s satellites has discovered two monstrous ‘black holes’ in the space. The American space agency has named the new black holes as ‘NGC 1448’ and ‘IC 3639’. As reported by the scientists, the supermassive black holes are positioned at the core of […]

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ISS is detectable from Mumbai’s night skies: Here are 8 things everyone should know

NASA’s biggest habitable artificial satellite – International Space Station (ISS) these days is visible from the night skies of Mumbai. As declared by NASA, ISS is visible through naked eyes in the skies of Mumbai, from yesterday and the optical phenomenon will go for two more days. The first preview of ISS, while crossing Earth’s […]