11 Dec, 2023
3 mins read

Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket rescheduled for launch on Monday at 4:39 a.m. EDT

After being delayed by a day, Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket with Cygnus supply ship is now scheduled to launch on Monday at 4:39 a.m. EDT (0839 GMT). The rocket was transferred to the destined launch pad on Virginia’s Eastern Shore from where the rocket will finally lift off towards the International Space Station carrying a […]

4 mins read

NASA to pay 15% more for resupply missions to ISS between 2020 and 2024

NASA, the U.S. space agency that looks after launching the resupply ships to the International Space Station will now have to pay more for comparatively lesser cargo to the space station. These findings came as a part of a new analysis was NASA will have to spend more to supply less cargo the station during […]

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ISS astronaut Norishige Kanai apologizes for spreading space growth spurt rumor

Norishige Kanai, a Japanese astronaut recently made it to the headline with his surprising claims that stated that his body had stretched by a length of 3.5 inches during his three weeks long stay onboard the ISS (International Space Station). However, the astronaut later admitted his fault by stating that he miscalculated the figure while […]

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See Pic: Alien hunters find three UFO flying near ISS in NASA live footage

In an astonishing find, alien hunters have discovered three Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying near International Space Station which suggests that Earth might not be the only place in the universe to possess life and alien life might exist on some distant planet. Alien seekers were watching the NASA live feed when they spotted three […]

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Russian Soyuz launch Astronaut and Cosmonaut on Space together

For the first time in last 14 years, An Astronaut and a cosmonaut are launched in International Space Station through Russian Soyuz. It is a new thing in last two decades. They are planned to stay there for 5 consecutive months on International Space Station. Astronaut Jack Fischer with NASA along with cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin […]

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Glitch in GPS Navigation System Call off SpaceX Dragon Supply Ship Launch during Final Approach to ISS

SpaceX’s ambitious mission of launching cargo ship has aborted in its final approach to the International Space Station (ISS) due to a technical glitch. SpaceX Dragon supply ship, which onboard a Falcon 9 rocket took wings on 19th February from NASA’s historic Launch Complex 39A, located at the Kennedy Space Centre, on Merritt Island in […]

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Aliens exist? NASA cuts live feed as 6 UFOs appear in ISS live feed (Video+)

Alien hunters have once again spotted six UFOs lingering around the International Space Station and accused the US space agency NASA for hiding the truth about the existence of aliens from general public. Alien seekers claim that NASA cut the live feed from ISS as a fleet of six UFOs appeared on the screen and replaced it with […]

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SpaceX’s 10th Cargo Resupply Mission to Make Headway to ISS on 18th February

America-based space major SpaceX is gearing up for its noble attempt to launch a resupply mission to ISS in the mid of this month. As per the official announcement, the Elon Musk’s owned SpaceX eyes on 18th February 2017 for making its 10th Cargo Resupply Mission headways to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX will […]

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Spending Longer Time in Space Can Have Detrimental Effect on Human Brain: Study Reveals

It has been long acknowledged that spending a longer time in space can have detrimental effects on human body. But now research has come up with the view that, long space journey creates setbacks for the human brain too. The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan has revealed that […]