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Falcon Heavy Rocket

SpaceX’s Falcon heavy rocket gets a brand new satellite

Recently, SpaceX bagged the rocket science of the country with a development of a new milestone with technology which is in the next generation. The powerful Falcon Heavy Rocket is scheduled to take off...

New dinosaur fossils called ankylosaur found in Montana, Canada

  During a fossil excavation session in Montana, Canada, the scientist suddenly came across new fossils of Ankylosaur while excavation the caves in search for new fossils. Initially, the scientists came across the ankylosaur tail...

Stephen Hawking’s shocking prediction on Earth’s lifeline

Over the years a lot has been said and heard about the history of the evolution fo Earth, how it started affording an environment for human life, how civilisations started and modernisation happened and...
Homo Naledi

Ancient skeleton of human’s cousin got unveiled

A strange new skeleton of a new kind of species called homo Naledi was found unveiled on the grounds of South Africa. Almost two years ago the excavation was started which finally brought some...

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover studies Mars’ dark liner dunes

NASA's Mars curiosity Rover was studying the dark liner sand dunes on Mars surface for over 16 weeks. Finally, with some evidence in hand, the curiosity Rover have sent some extraordinary photos of these...

Stealthing or sexual assault? What shall you call it?

Over the decades, many have debated about calling this crime a stealthing or sexual assault. Sexual assault is more like a rape case where the woman is forced to play sexually with the rapist....

Be careful about what you feed your dog!

In a recent news that broke out, it has been known that a local organic food company for pets especially dogs has been called in by the research lab for further research of their...
artificial photosynthesis

Artificial photosynthesis to control pollution

Over the years, we all have heard a lot about artificial photosynthesis. Through decades, scientists have been trying to figure out the way to formulate artificial photosynthesis process. But no one was successful until today...

NASA’s prototype for green gardens in Space

This is not for the first time, that NASA is trying to create something that can help them to grow crops and vegetables on space. Once again, scientists from NASA have set ahead a...

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