11 Dec, 2023
2 mins read

NASA launches delicate stowing of asteroid samples collected by Osiris-Rex

Osiris-Rex, NASA’s robotic spacecraft embarked on a delicate operation of storing asteroid materials that it has obtained. The Osiris-Rex (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) mission was launched nearly 4 years back. It is scheduled to return in September 2023. The probe set out to collect about 60 grams of asteroid fragments that […]

4 mins read

JAXA Hayabusa 2 missions is just 100 km away from the object Ryugu

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) recently took a step forward in its Hayabusa 2 mission which has been orbiting in the space towards its destination i.e. a dark rock called Ryugu. Ater traveling for more than three years, it reached about 100 kilometers away from its target which is a 900 meters wide asteroid which […]

2 mins read

Do you know how Earth and Moon appear in a composite image? Take a look yourself

Do you know how is Moon from our Earth? Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have released a stunning image that gives a spectacular view of Earth and Moon in a single composite image. The photo shows moon hovering around its parent planet which gives a clear idea how far both the celestial bodies […]

2 mins read

NASA OSIRIS-REx Set Out Space-Hunt for Earth-Trojan Asteroid

A NASA-owned and operated spacecraft has started its space-hunt for a mysterious type of close-to-Earth celestial object called Earth-Trojan asteroids on Thursday, 9th February 2017. Dubbed as OSIRIS-Rex, the spacecraft will spend almost two weeks in search of these mystifying tiny celestial bodies. To recall, currently, OSIRIS-Rex is on 2-years outbound voyage to the asteroid […]