11 Dec, 2023
2 mins read

NASA ready for the Astronaut Launch of SpaceX’s Crew-1

The first operational flight of the Crew Dragon astronaut taxi is ready by SpaceX to the International Space Station on November 14, 2020. This will be called Crew-1 and is the second Crew Dragon mission to carry astronauts, which is following the successful Crew Dragon Demo-2 test flight done in 2019. The astronauts of NASA […]

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The US turns out to be the First Nation crossing 10 Million Covid-19 Cases

Since the pandemic has begun, the United States has become the first nation worldwide to surpass 10 million coronavirus infections. This is when the third wave of the Covid-19 virus surges across the whole nation. This excessive massive milestone came out on the same day as global coronavirus cases exceeded 50 million. As witnessed by […]

3 mins read

75% of the IT Workforce will follow Work from Home, says IT Secretary

The scenario is that of the Coronavirus pandemic now. With strict norms of social distancing and sanitization, organizations from all around the world have introduced the system of work from home. The IT Secretary recently that the sector of Information Technology is less likely to return to their old system of being physically present in […]

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Collision Threat for Planned Satellite Constellation – NASA

NASA has shown serious concern regarding a planned and well-structured constellation of broadband-based satellites. They have mentioned that the particular commercial spacecraft is likely to have increased chances of a collision. This might occur on one of the most important slices of the orbit of our planet. NASA has submitted an official report and a […]

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CERT in India issued a Warning about latest Ransomware

CERT, also known as the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team is currently alerting all the big and small companies and corporations in India about some new functional ransomware. By the name of Egregor, research is stating that this ransomware is breaking into the organizational systems of the IT industry and stealing all their highly sensitive […]

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Corona befriends Antibodies as per the Latest Reports

The pandemic has its grip over the world and the vaccine is yet to come. The positive news amongst this is scientists have found some antibodies. These are recreated by the immune system. During any kind of infection along with common cold coronaviruses. Also, target the Covid-19 causing SARS-CoV-2. This is conferring a sense of […]

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Novartis Arthritis drug fails to help Covid-19 patients

The significant medicine by Novartis named Canakinumab plus standard of care failed to bring about a greater chance of recovery in COVID-19 patients without the need for invasive mechanical ventilation, compared to placebo with standard of care. This was stated by the Swiss Drugmaker on Friday who had hopes that this arthritis drug could be […]