75% of the IT Workforce will follow Work from Home, says IT Secretary
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75% of the IT Workforce will follow Work from Home, says IT Secretary

The scenario is that of the Coronavirus pandemic now. With strict norms of social distancing and sanitization, organizations from all around the world have introduced the system of work from home.

The IT Secretary recently that the sector of Information Technology is less likely to return to their old system of being physically present in the office and working from there. Studies and statistics have concluded that almost 75% of the workforce will shift to the culture of work from home until a long time now.

Secretary Ajay Prakash Sawhney from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said that the resilience showed by the IT industry during the period of the lockdown has led to this vast shift in the work culture.

During the lockdown, almost 97% of the workforce was continuing to do work from home, even from other places whichever was suitable for them. This way, both the domestic goals and the company requirements were fulfilled adequately.

The employers are extremely content with the work from home system. Since it started with the lockdown, many of them mention that they cannot seem to return to the old way of working from the office. Besides, many companies have also mentioned that going back to the previous method is not almost impossible now.

a woman following the work at home process due to coronavirus pandemic

They have mentioned that if 75% of the office population continues to work from their homes, and outside the formal office environment, productivity is bound to increase simultaneously.

Steps that are taken by The Government

The Government has recommended some improvised guidelines to make work mode simpler and more convenient. These guidelines are especially for the BPOs and ITET companies so that they can lower down the burden of compliance and undertake professionally easy ways to facilitate the framework of work from home.

Other Service Providers or OSPs are allowed to set up this friendly regime of work from anywhere without having to report to obligations from high authorities. The companies are also seeking more relaxations as they can continue this culture of working from home on a permanently consistent basis.

Modern technology has helped in unprecedented ways so that the horizon of work in both public and private sectors could be expanded. While most offices had to execute their work on physical files, with the lockdown, it only took 48 hours for them to shift seamlessly to a 100% digital system of work.

The Government is also extending all the required help with online applications and services. Today, online education, digital and remote working system is no more an option, rather it has become a necessity due to Covid-19.

Further Measures

The IT sector is developing an advanced translation mission of the natural language that is entirely based on artificial intelligence. This is happening in professional collaboration with research and academic institutes, also start-ups. This is progressing to pave the way for voice-enabled internet searches in all our Indian/national languages.

This vast digital transformation and technological growth are driving forward the demand for more technology-oriented jobs and skills, in every industry and workspace. This way, India, as Nation is becoming upskilled and informative.