27 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

Novartis Arthritis drug fails to help Covid-19 patients

The significant medicine by Novartis named Canakinumab plus standard of care failed to bring about a greater chance of recovery in COVID-19 patients without the need for invasive mechanical ventilation, compared to placebo with standard of care. This was stated by the Swiss Drugmaker on Friday who had hopes that this arthritis drug could be […]

3 mins read

COVID: Remdesivir has Zero effect on Perseverance, says WHO

Antagonistic to viral drug remdesivir has essentially no effect on Covid patients’ chances of perseverance, an assessment from the World Health Organization (WHO) has found. The WHO fundamental surveyed four potential medications for Covid-19, including remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine. Remdesivir was among the first to be used to treat Covid and was starting late given to […]

2 mins read

Just 28% of organizations agreed on Covid-19 Immunizations

The clinical industries scramble to create the world’s first Covid antibodies in a couple of months is uplifting the criticalness for the workhorses of worldwide exchange to be prepared for the notable charge to crush the infection. Just 28% of organizations engaged with gracefully chain coordinations feel solid and steady to deal with Covid-19 antibodies […]

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AstraZeneca- The 3rd Coronavirus Vaccine Reaches It’s Final Testing

AstraZeneca announced on Monday that its vaccine candidate has reached the final stage of development in the United States. The company based in Cambridge, England, said the research would include up to 30,000 adults from diverse racial, ethnic, and regional classes. According to the Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, It would be […]

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Scientists develop a ‘Psychological Vaccine’ for combating against the fake climate change news

The news regarding climate change and its adverse impacts are the most common topic for every news portals, nowadays. But do you know, many of them are just fictitious versions of original news and represent counterfeit information and claims about climate change? The spread of such fake climate change claims and news are not only […]