Novartis Arthritis drug fails to help Covid-19 patients
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Novartis Arthritis drug fails to help Covid-19 patients

The significant medicine by Novartis named Canakinumab plus standard of care failed to bring about a greater chance of recovery in COVID-19 patients without the need for invasive mechanical ventilation, compared to placebo with standard of care. This was stated by the Swiss Drugmaker on Friday who had hopes that this arthritis drug could be vitally repurposed during the pandemic.

Over several years, this medicine has systematically treated diseases like active Still’s disease and brought relief to juvenile idiopathic arthritis cases. While the developer believed that this medicine could treat patients with the coronavirus, it failed to do so. It did not meet all the key necessities and requirements to reduce the Covid-19 virus or bring down mortality rates from this virus. Even in the late phase of the clinical trial of this vaccine, the drug provided to be insufficient to counter the virus.

The medicine is now almost 11 years old. It recorded a big sale of almost $671 million in the last year. The drug-maker believed that it would help the patients with Covid-19 with its powerful inflammatory reactions. The trail was done with 454 patients in the United States, Europe, and Russia. It was the latest bid to redirect the older antibodies, anti-inflammatory monoclonal ones against this new and severe coronavirus. However, the trail delivered disappointing news.

The department of medicine says that efforts are still required in large numbers to fight against this virus in patients. Researchers globally are constantly taking initiative to avoid this pandemic at all costs. The drug and its chief developer, John Tsai said that all the top grade scientific and research minds are in their best shape of work to find a constructive response to this dangerous virus.

At another stage of the trail, another drug of Novartis called Jakavi will be inspected and checked to see its strength against the coronavirus. They have teamed up with another prominent Swiss Drugmaker Molecular Partners. They have taken a drug candidate who will enter this segment of the trails soon.

The entire Nation is looking forward to discoveries so that the Covid-19 pandemic can be combatted successfully. Although the researches are happening at a rapid pace, nothing conclusive has been out yet. But, the ineffectiveness of this drug, Canakinumab proves that we all have to go a long way until the right medicine hits the market for coronavirus.