05 Mar, 2024
2 mins read

SpaceX plans to send private passengers to Moon!

SpaceX Dragon mission is all set on its voyage to lead NASA in terms of its Space and Moon missions. Recently, SpaceX shared their grand plan to send two private passengers to Moon. The SpaceX’s first private citizen to orbit the Moon will be called as the SpaceX Dragon. Within a year, SpaceX Dragon will […]

2 mins read

See Pic: Saturn’s Icy Moon Tethys Looks Like a Space Eyeball or a Death Star?

NASA – the US-based space agency recently shared the jaw-dropping image of “Tethys” – the larger arctic moon of Saturn and quickly, the picture went viral on social media. While some group of people and even the scientists have suggested the Tethys have many similarities a “space eyeball, staring into space”; now another group of […]