20 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

The giant marine mammal whale protects researcher from shark’s attack (Video+)

Whales are intelligent and a widely distributed aquatic placental aquatic placental marine mammals. Recently a new clip surfaced the internet where a humpback whale is saving a diver from a shark. This showed that these creatures displayed their extraordinary instinct by protecting the diver. In the last September Nan Hauser, a marine biologist was studying […]

2 mins read

A blood shredded dead body of a living species found in Indonesia

Recently, a massive shaped dead body of nobody knows what washed the shores of Indonesia’s Island of Seram. This water body has always been a mysterious one. The unusual disappearance of Barunda triangle, the unknowing growth of Baltic sea and now this, the sudden appearance of a dead body. Some are assuming this to be […]

2 mins read

Department Of Conservation Calls for More Volunteer to Rescue Third Pods of Stranded Whales at Farewell Spit

Department of Conservation Golden Bay has called for more volunteers to take part in the rescue operation of the third pod of pilot whales at New Zealand’s Farewell Spit. Just a few hours of accomplishing rescue mission of the second pod of stranded whales, the possibility of over hundred whales coming back to shore has […]