14 Apr, 2024
4 mins read

Heat waves is damaging the diverse variety of coral reefs at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Several types of research have been conducted to ascertain the extent of damage made by increasing water temperature and bleaching events, As per a new study, The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia which has been subjected to bleaching has seen two of such events in just two years which have sparked widespread […]

3 mins read

Australian Great Barrier Reef endangered

Australian Great Barrier Reef endangered One of the world’s natural wonders, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has the largest living structure. It’s on the verge of decline. Isn’t it shocking? Yes. Sadly, But this was very much expected. Researchers from the Australian Research Council just completed comprehensive surveys and have found that minimum of about 800 individual coral reefs across 8,000km […]