27 Feb, 2024
2 mins read

Qualcomm and Jacoti partners to create Hearing Enhancement Software

By harnessing the hearing enhancement software of Jacoti Technologies, Qualcomm Technologies International has introduced Qualcomm QCC5100 Series Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headsets. This integration of Qualcomm’s engineering expertise with Jacoti’s medical prowess will offer tailor-made hearing support to a person with impaired hearing. The Jacoti system has a hearing test that can […]

2 mins read

KPN has Picked Ericsson over Huawei for its 5G Mobile Network

Ericsson, a Swedish company has been tied up with the Dutch Telecom company known as KPN for building a new 5G core element in its mobile network. KPN has preferred a European supplier as a tactical move to displace Huawei’s well-entrenched position as the largest 5G equipment supplier. The Dutch Company will instead liaison with […]

3 mins read

5G arrival Leading Patent war for $668 Billion Market

The several continents are witnessing war over the patents related to smart homes, robotic surgery, connected cars. However, leading is the fight among smartphone companies with regards to the 5G. With the growth forecast of 12000 percent that comes around $668 billion, the 5G market is undoubtedly lucrative. Automakers are in a legal battle with […]

3 mins read

Automated Home Service Market is thriving worldwide with SK Telecom, Orange, Qualcomm, SingTel

A new informative report on the global Automated Home Service Market titled as, Automated Home Service has recently published by Contrive Datum Insights to its humongous database which helps to shape the future of the businesses by making well-informed business decisions. It offers a comprehensive analysis of various business aspects such as global market trends, […]

5 mins read

Home Healthcare Software Market by leading research firm| Intel, Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, Texas Instruments and Forecast 2020 To 2027

A new informative report titled as the global Home Healthcare Software Market has recently published in the extensive repository of Contrive Datum Insights. The global Home Healthcare Software research is often attributed to several applicable business strategies to enlarge the businesses. Additionally, it offers a comparative study of key players along with their business frameworks […]

4 mins read

LTE and 5G Broadcast Market By Prominent Players AT&T, Athonet, Cisco, Enensys Technologies and Forecast To 2026

Contrive Datum Insights proclaims the addition of new research report titled as, LTE and 5G Broadcast market. According to this research report, the global LTE and 5G Broadcast market was valued in the coming year. Furthermore, it makes use of statistical and analysis tools to discover the applicable and informative data of the target market. […]