19 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Qualcomm and Jacoti partners to create Hearing Enhancement Software

By harnessing the hearing enhancement software of Jacoti Technologies, Qualcomm Technologies International has introduced Qualcomm QCC5100 Series Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headsets. This integration of Qualcomm’s engineering expertise with Jacoti’s medical prowess will offer tailor-made hearing support to a person with impaired hearing. The Jacoti system has a hearing test that can […]

3 mins read

Nicotine Exposure, Before and Afterbirth Can Prompt Hearing Problem in Child: Medical Trial Warns

Women, who frequently smoke before and after pregnancy are liable to put their newborn baby at risk of hearing loss, suggested a newly conducted medical research. Continuous exposure to Nicotine can lead to the issues in hearing among kids, revealed the research held by the analysts from the Freie Universitat Berlin in Germany. The risks […]