Qualcomm and Jacoti partners to create Hearing Enhancement Software
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Qualcomm and Jacoti partners to create Hearing Enhancement Software

By harnessing the hearing enhancement software of Jacoti Technologies, Qualcomm Technologies International has introduced Qualcomm QCC5100 Series Ultra-Low Power Bluetooth wireless earbuds and Bluetooth headsets. This integration of Qualcomm’s engineering expertise with Jacoti’s medical prowess will offer tailor-made hearing support to a person with impaired hearing.

The Jacoti system has a hearing test that can be self-administered. This establishes the volume threshold for a person based on various tones and frequency prompts. Personalized audiograms are then created, one for each ear. The individualized audiograms are then synced with the Qualcomm QC5100 Series SOC and other Bluetooth devices.

In this way, the sound is tweaked as per the user’s individual need for frequency and volume. This is a boon for those with hearing deficiencies. This step is a big leap forward in enhancing the customer experience.

A recent study by the WHO has noted that many persons suffer hearing loss over the age of 65. The numbers who might face possible hearing loss in the next few decades is staggering. The integrated product is a perfect example of a consumer-oriented solution that can make available cutting-edge hearing solutions.

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With bespoke audiograms, each user has the advantage of experiencing incoming frequencies and volume thresholds that have been compensated for their individual hearing needs. The consumer is assured of a pleasurable and safe listening experience. Besides, the audiograms can be confirmed with an audiologist for confirmation of the diagnosis.

This is the birth of the next-generation earphones offering personalized solutions to consumers with impaired hearing. Each person has unique hearing capabilities, much like a fingerprint. The Jacoti software offers corrections based on algorithms.

This tailored profile is stored on the Bluetooth speakers and the Qualcomm earbuds. They can then be paired with any device and the incoming sound frequencies are suitably modified. These Bluetooth headsets and earphones are likely to be available in 2021.

The Qualcomm QCC5100 Series is geared towards enhanced battery life and playback time. There will be reduced power consumption of about 65% for streaming music as well as audio calls. Built on SoC architecture, the earbuds offer a superior quality listening experience with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

Voice assistant support is also available. Jacoti is involved with medical devices, especially geared towards hearing deficiencies. This can go a long way in enhancing daily experiences that have been a challenge; be it conversations, making calls, or listening to music.