19 Apr, 2024
3 mins read

Nicotine Exposure, Before and Afterbirth Can Prompt Hearing Problem in Child: Medical Trial Warns

Women, who frequently smoke before and after pregnancy are liable to put their newborn baby at risk of hearing loss, suggested a newly conducted medical research. Continuous exposure to Nicotine can lead to the issues in hearing among kids, revealed the research held by the analysts from the Freie Universitat Berlin in Germany. The risks […]

2 mins read

Ultra-Fast Camera Framed Video of ‘Sonic Boom’ Of Light for First Time

Technological advancements have allowed scientists, across the globe to stumble upon a number of mysterious scientific factors, which previously believed to be unworkable and one such factor is ‘sonic boom.’ A sonic boom is a sound created by the speed of an object traveling through the air, with much faster speed than of light. However, […]