15 Jul, 2024
5 mins read

A study by NASA slams Elon Musk’ idea to terraform the red planet

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, told late night host Stephen Colbert about how he thinks and hopes that thermonuclear explosions could be used to jumpstart the Martian atmosphere that would further support life. The said process is called terraforming and it is not something new for science fictions readers and moviegoers as there are […]

2 mins read

Molecular Biologists Perceive an Innovative Manner to Recycle Carbon Dioxide

A group of scientists has invented a ground-breaking method through which the most harmful greenhouse gas can be recycled. CO2 which is believed to be the most hazardous greenhouse gas and the pivotal activator of pollution and climate change can be recycled for safe commercial applications. The experiment, carried out by a team of Irvine […]

2 mins read

China kicks off its first carbon dioxide detection satellite ‘TanSat’ today

In order to detect and monitor the emission and impact of carbon dioxide, China, has successfully launch its first minisatellite to space. Today, on 22nd December 2016, China’s first-of-its-kind global carbon dioxide detection and monitoring space probe took off from the ground-based launcher in order to understand the changes in climatic patterns. The satellite named […]