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Invisible dark matters found near Earth

Scientists claim to have captured the first ever image of dark matters that every astronomer so have tried to detect. Is this for real? The pictures also disclose some unobservable facts. Scientists are of the...
Supermassive Extragalactic Void Called “Dipole Repeller”

A Supermassive Extragalactic Void Called “Dipole Repeller” Is Thrusting Milky Way

Our local galaxy – the Milky Way is not only being pulled but also being driven by a supermassive Extragalactic Void called “Dipole Repeller”, informed a team of astronomers in their new journal. The...
Chunks of Failed Planet Might Disfigured Earth: Astronomers Suggest

Chunks of Failed Planet Might Have Disfigured Earth: Astronomers Suggest

Some 4 million years ago, Earth, Sun, Moon, and the entire solar system were assaulted by a suite of asteroid attackers. At that time, the planetary system was juvenile and uncultivated, and the attack...
Universe's Largest Superclusters of Galaxies Espied Next To Milky Way

Astronomers discover largest superclusters of galaxies next to Milky Way

The Milky Way – which houses our solar system was previously believed to be alone. But now, a new discovery has come to forefront raising some serious questions on this long-established belief. A group...

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