Beware! Egoistic and Uncouth Boss Can Mess Up Your Workplace Behavior and Overall Health Too
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Beware! Egoistic and Uncouth Boss Can Mess Up Your Workplace Behavior and Overall Health Too

If you feel like singling out your colleagues at office or cosset in counterproductive workplace behavior, then be careful, your boss may be the reason behind it. People working under bad bosses are more likely to suffer from poor health and depressed personality, found a new research. According to the study reports, employees, working for managers or bosses who always show off psychopathic and self-absorbed behavior, are more likely to undergo through the depressed feelings but also are about to display objectionable behavior at the workplace.

The research conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom revealed that people who work under the management of employers who often flaunt egotistically and discourteous manners had poorer job satisfaction and are more prone to the possibility of mental instability conditions like depression. Moreover, the study also suggests that such behaviors of toxic bosses not only hamper the general wellbeing of the employees but also causes counterproductive work activities and harassment in the office.

In order to conduct the research, the scientists took a total of 1,200 participants under a series of trials. The samples for testing were composed of employees from a number of workplaces and industries ranging from multiple countries. The analysts carried out three types of research under which, the scientists asked the participants to go through some questionnaires related to their own mental wellbeing, occurrence of office bullying in their workplaces and the personality and behavior of their managers or bosses.

Speaking on this matter, the lead author of the study, Abigail Phillips from the University of Manchester said, “After surveying the Q&A samples collected from the workers and employees, the picture is quite clear. Bosses with high in mysterious and ill-mannered traits can create awful impacts on employee’s personality, behavior, health, and of course on the organization itself. Such leaders are high in psychopathy and narcissism and used to have a strong wish for authority which made them less sympathetic and ruder.”

The toxic combination of boss’ behavior and dominative nature over the employees not only triggers workplace bullying but also pollute the intellect trait, and performance, and overall health of the worker.