14 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

Prolonged Exposure to Work-Related Tension May Cause Cancer in Men: Study

Men, be alert! Taking excess stress in the workplace may cause cancer, warns a new medical trial. Work-related stresses among the employees are quite casual. But prolonged exposure to work-related tensions may cause some serious health issues like cancer, warned a recently conducted study. However, the risks of cancer, triggered by work-related stresses are higher […]

2 mins read

Beware! Egoistic and Uncouth Boss Can Mess Up Your Workplace Behavior and Overall Health Too

If you feel like singling out your colleagues at office or cosset in counterproductive workplace behavior, then be careful, your boss may be the reason behind it. People working under bad bosses are more likely to suffer from poor health and depressed personality, found a new research. According to the study reports, employees, working for […]