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ISRO Accomplishes Mega-Launch of 104 satellites

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has just marked a new landmark to its successful space exploration missions by sending a cluster of 104 satellites into orbit at one go. By doing so, ISRO has...
isro PSLV

ISRO’s ‘Big-Day’ Is Tomorrow; Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Tomorrow, 15th February 2017 is “The Big Day” for all Indians as well as the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Tomorrow, the space agency is going to mark a new world record by launching...
Scientists Find a Dog-Sized Mammal

Scientists Find a Dog-Sized Mammal, First Producer of Venoms

We all know that snakes are the only producer of venom. But a new study has come up with a new view that can challenge this long-established guesswork. The research, conducted by the scholars...
Einsteins Cosmological Constant Theory

Scientists to Decipher Enigma behind Einstein’s Cosmological Constant Theory Soon

Soon, the long-established mystery behind famous scientist Albert Einstein’s Theory of Cosmological Constant will be over, as a new research have come up with a paper that can explain whether “Dark Matter” exists or...
Jupiter and Saturn

Astronomers Develop a More Precise Lifetime for Jupiter and Saturn’s Formation

Since centuries, the formation of our solar system and its involved planets has been a matter of question for the scientists and the explorations missions to ascertain this problem is numerous. In such a...
Minor Glitch in New Horizons Spacecraft Tuned Up and Now Operating Healthily: NASA

Minor Glitch in New Horizons Spacecraft Tuned Up and Now Operating Healthily: NASA

After the troubleshoot of the minor technical glitch, New Horizons – the first space probe dedicated to the exploration mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt is now healthy and moving smoothly heading for...
Hydrogen into Metal by Squeezing It between Two Diamonds

Scientists Convert Hydrogen into Metal by Squeezing It between Two Diamonds

In an extraordinary act of contemporary alchemy, a team of international scientists has supposedly turned hydrogen into metal by clutching it between two diamonds. However, up to now, a number of critics have strongly...
2.1-Billion-Year-Old Rock Confirmed ‘Great Oxidation Event’

‘Great Oxidation Event’ Started 100-Million-Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

The Great Oxygenation Event, which holds the first appearance of dioxygen (O2), started some 100 million years earlier than it is previously believed to be. According to a new study, the inhalation of oxygen...

Scientists Embark on First Nuclear Bomb Explosion for Understanding Moon’s Formation Theory

The first nuclear bomb explosion or ‘Trinity,' took place in 1945 was one of the most unsympathetic humanmade movement, that shook up the entire globe. Now scientists believe that the first nuclear explosion holds...

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