15 Jun, 2024
3 mins read

New Horizons probe will soon whiz past Ultima Thule, the farthest object visited by the humanity

NASA’s New Horizons probe which completed the iconic Pluto flyby back in July 2015 is back online now. After visiting Pluto, the nuclear-powered New Horizons probe was shut down to conserve energy for further observations in December 2017. After a brief period of 6 months, the probe woke up on June 5, 2018, for its […]

2 mins read

‘Golden Records’ sent on Voyager missions might be confusing for aliens

NASA launched two Voyager spacecraft into the deep cosmos of the space back in 1977. It has been more than four decades for these excellent pieces of craftsmanship post-launch and these are still working and moving further into space at an astounding velocity of over 50,000 km/h. Both of these spacecraft have ‘Golden Records’ embedded […]