04 Mar, 2024
3 mins read

Ancient Arachnids with tails could be linked to modern spiders

The fossilised remains of ancient arachnids beautifully preserved in the amber located in Myanmar reveals a lot about the ancient Earth dwellers. Researchers confirmed that these arachnids flaunted a tail, unlike their modern relatives. These ancient spiders belong to the species Chimerarachne yingi that thrived on the Earth’s surface during that Cretaceous period around hundred […]

2 mins read

A new species of exotic marine spider discovered in Australia named after Bob Marley

A team of researchers led by Dr. Barbara Baehr has found a new species of the marine spider near the coastline of Australia Sunshine State of Queensland. Well, the species was first discovered in the year 2009 during the high tide of the sea. The new finding report was published in the Evolutionary Systematic journal. […]