26 Feb, 2024
3 mins read

Largest ever genomic research study will record DNA of all living beings on the Earth

Over a period of past few decades, we have seen rapid advancement in fields like ecology, food, medicine, neuroscience, and others with due thanks to the advancements in biotechnology. Studying the genetics or genomics of any living thing can help uncover many secrets and allow scientists to use it as a tool to achieve future […]

2 mins read

New study claims that first ever photosynthesis occurred 1.25 billion years ago

New research conducted on a fossil of the Bangiomorpha Pubescens has given an interesting fact about the photosynthesis processes. As per the latest research photosynthesis process in plants first took place 1.25 billion years ago. The data was found during research that identified an algae fossil. It is said that the fossil is the world’s […]