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The Making of the Gateway Moon Space Station

NASA's Space Shuttle Takeoff from Earth

The moon orbiting outer space station of NASA just got a new improvement from a highly capable partner. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with the European Space Agency or the ESA on October 27, 2020. A collaboration was formalized on the Gateway, which is a planned structured outpost in the lunar orbit. NASA has considered this a key factor for its Artemis Program for crewed exploration of the moon.

Under this brand new agreement, the ESA will provide the Gateway with several significant improvements for performance enhancement. One such is the modified habituation/residence module and a reformed module for refueling. Each of these will function with support from the European company.

The engineers are giving full effort to build steady hardware for supreme operation. The contributions by ESA will further embody two separate service modules for the Orion Capsule by NASA. This spacecraft will successfully launch Artemis astronauts from the top of the Engine belonging to the Space Launch System or SLS rockets.

In return for all the measures which they are undertaking, the ESA will be given three major flight alternatives so that European astronauts can launch themselves and work abroad the Gateway. Jim Bridenstine, the administrator from NASA has remarked that this partnership will leverage cooperation and sustainability with the International Space Station so that the journey to the moon can be executed without any hassle.

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Through Gateway, NASA can also expand cooperation with other international companies like the ESA, so that the Artemis program ends with a successful exploration of the moon. This is likely after the preliminary phase of the lunar touchdown by humans.

NASA has decided to conduct the first stage of lunar touchdown or crew landings in the year 2024. This place will be close to the lunar south pole, also the lunar Antarctic. Although the Gateway is not likely to be involved in this big, epic event, NASA expects that the orbitual outposts will play a significant role in the long-term objectives and goals of Artemis. Artemis is, therefore, the Crude of Expedition to the moon.

This station will be considered a halfway house between the Moon and the Earth. It will be a launchpad and also a sheltered place for all the missions into the solar system. In recent years, this enthusiasm was boosted by cheap technology as well as the increasing involvement of private companies like Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX. So, if this scientific procedure becomes a success, it can be a step forward for human presence in outer space. This will, make history in giving the astronauts a pit stop while making a return to the moon.

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