People witnessed Quadrantid and Geminid meteor shower lighting the sky
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People witnessed Quadrantid and Geminid meteor shower lighting the sky

First the super moon. Now the Quadrantid meteor shower. Both the celestial events have been showcased stunning light works. The first month of the year has started with a boom. On 3rd January 2018., people saw the super moon lighting the sky with its stunning brightness. On the same day, the people witnessed another light works by the Quadrantid meteor shower. Well, the brightness of supermoon has affected the visibility of the meteor shower. However, on Wednesday some people of North America had observed the event.

The meteor showers are not quite easy to watch as it appears and disappears in few seconds. But, this time a fiery space ball, part of the meteor shower was captured by a dashcam of Bemidji Cop. Soon the department published that stunning video in social media. The fiery ball appeared in the sky for few second then vanished in the night sky.

All the events of the meteor showers are part of the annual meteor showers. It happens when the earth moves through waves of debris made with comets or asteroids. For more information, the Quadrantid meteor shower is the part of the asteroid 2003 EH1. Scientists said the 2003 EH1 is actually an extinct comet. It has lost its water ice and other volatile materials when orbiting around the Sun for many years.

On the other hand, ASP members had also observed the Geminid meteor shower through the Newtonian telescope at the observatory in Pulau Betong, Penang.  More than 100 people had visited the observatory during a camp and watched the beauty of meteor shower. The camp was held by the Astronomical Society of Penang (ASP).

ASP president Dr. Chong Hon Yew informed that the team had spotted 108 Geminid meteors including two fireballs.

Well, there are more celestial events and meteor shower events which will occur in 2018. The Lyrids meteor shower on 22nd or 23rd April, the Eta Aquarids meteor showers on 6th or 7th May, the Delta Aqurids meteor shower on 28th and 29th July, and many more. The second supermoon will light the sky on 31st January, and there will also be a total lunar eclipse on the same day.