NASA to make human colonisation possible on Mars
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NASA to make human colonisation possible on Mars

Since decades, NASA scientists have been busy finding tracing of life on Mars. Finally, one of the scientists from NASA have some incredible facts that can make human colonisation possible on Mars Let’s see how.

Initially, scientists have discovered some traces of the existence of oceans deep inside the thick crust of the red planet, Mars. According to the assumptions made by the scientists by the findings, oceans might exist deep inside the crust of the Mars. These oceans can be revealed if they can crack the thick heated atmosphere of the red planet. Ever since NASA have been utilising their brains off to find no life on Mars. With no further traces, scientists of NASA have finally stopped searching for new life and started to implanted human colonisation on Mars, hence making the planet a habitable planet to live in.

NASA scientists are now thinking of embedding a magnetic shield around Mars which will make human colonisation possible on Mars.

Magnetic shield plan from the mouth of NASA director:

The Director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, Mr James Green have talked at length about the Red Planet, Mars at the Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop conference in Washington DC, USA. He has proposed to execute a plan to shield magnetic fields on Mars from the Sun’s rays with the help of an artificial magnetic field around the planet just like Earth. This will help shield people from the harmful radiation from the Sun, among other benefits.

The magnetic shield, as told by Director James Green would successfully allow Mars to slowly restore its thick heated atmosphere over a period of a few years. NASA also revealed that Mars once had its magnetic field that worked to protect its environment but it disappeared roughly 4.2 billion years ago. Scientists are on a voyage to bring back the same.

Once an atmosphere builds up around Mars, the greenhouse effect would start to take place which would heat up the planet, potentially making it warm enough for liquid water to exist on its surface.

According to Director, James Green, “Perhaps one-seventh of the ancient ocean could return to Mars. The solar system is ours, let’s take it. That, of course, includes Mars and for humans to be able to explore Mars, together, with us doing science, we need a better environment,”

James Green is also expecting that these implanted magnetic shields can also create a natural dipole which will be a close electric circuit powerful enough to generate an artificial magnetic field. These concepts are from Popular Mechanics, says the reports.

The idea of producing a magnetic shield around Mars has been in practice, since many decades, but nothing was executed so far. Researchers from the National Institute for Fusion Science in Japan once published a paper in the year 2008 which demonstrated an idea to create a magnetic field on Mars using superconducting magnets circling the whole planet was described in the article.

The researchers said, “Here we show that a series of planet-encircling superconducting rings can provide an artificial geomagnetic field equivalent to 10 per cent of the present-day area necessary to prevent adverse effects.”

If all goes well, then in few years human colonisation can be made possible on Mars, making the planet a comfortable place to start a new civilisation.