Humans are not from Earth, claims scientists
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Humans are not from Earth, claims scientists

In a shocking claim made by several scientists, they cannot actually rule out the Panspermia hypothesis which was a theory proposed by British chemist Leslie Orgel and Physicist Professor Francis Crick. According to a buzz that has gained popularity recently, there are few scientists who believe that the human species didn’t originate on Earth and that humans arrived from the universe. The claims are in correspondence to the 1973 theory Panspermia hypothesis according to which, bacteria that were distributed by meteors or asteroids or even space dust resulting in sparking life on planet Earth.

Moving forward, researchers claim that life on Earth spread like an interstellar infection and that, a large number of planets in the galaxy have different alien life forms which are of course, not been proven yet. Dr. Ellis Silver who wrote the book ‘Humans are not from Earth’ based on his research on the evolution of life on Earth, he stated that humans were brought on Earth by aliens tens of thousands of years ago. According to Silver, even after humans are the most evolved and intelligent species on Earth, humans are still ill-equipped to live on Earth. Silver expressed his anguish against how humans cannot bear excessive sunlight, how the number of chronic diseases is high and how humans have developed a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods.

He further added that there is not even a single person on Earth who is 100% active and healthy without any unstated or hidden condition or disorder. He theorized the reason why most people have bad backs which is because human species were adapted to a planet with a lower gravity than that of Earth. Silver states that although Earth meets all the needs and requirements of humans, it isn’t equipped to provide for whomsoever who brought humans on the planet aka aliens.

Then comes the big blow as a claim made by Dr. Ellis Silver who believes that the Earth is actually a galactic jail were humans are prisoners and are kept on it until they don’t start behaving properly. Scientists were befuddled when they found the basic elements of life i.e. organic compounds, water, from two meteors which fell into Texas and Morocco in 1998. These rocks are believed to have originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and it dates back to almost 4.5 billion years.