Government shutdown affects SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch
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Government shutdown affects SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launch

The SpaceX rocket named Falcon Heavy has been undergoing tests for the ultimate launch. However, a recent government shutdown has brought down a pause of any work related to the test. The Falcon Heavy is supposed to be the sturdiest and powerful rocket in the globe as it lifts off from the KSC (Kennedy Space Centre) this year.

Along with the test delay for its three-core rocket, the shutdown is affecting the checkout operations lying ahead in the flight demonstrations. The shutdown removed major key members of the workforce including civilians. This has disabled the 45th Space Wing from supporting the commercial aspects of static fires to take place on the KSC. The officials also stated that the launch operations to be held at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and KSC are on hold until the time this shutdown matter is resolved.

The Falcon Heavy, which is 230-Foot tall, has been fuelled by SpaceX at the pad 39A about twice ahead before the static test. This static test is essentially conducted before the main test. Here the engineers examine the data derived from firing the engines for a duration of 12 seconds. The rocket consists of 27 Merlin main engines which upon perfect synchronization shall be cleared for a launch in the main mission.

With Falcon Heavy, SpaceX shall enter the market of heavy-lift rockets. The Falcon Heavy also flaunts a 5.1 Million pound thrust that shall make it one of its kinds with power equal to none in the field. The new rocket is 40-foot wide, providing it the capability to carry heavier payloads into the Earth’s orbit. SpaceX shall also focus on its aim to reuse the rockets for more than once. This will significantly bring down the overall cost of rocket launch resulting in better use of resources for the company.

The government shutdown might also affect the communication satellite launch scheduled by SpaceX on 30th January from the Cape Canaveral Space Station. Apart from SpaceX, NASA has also been affected by the major shutdown. However, the crucial missions such as ISS shall continue with all the essential employees guiding the team with safety with no delay in any schedule.