Entire overview of a full grown Dinosaur is revealed
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Entire overview of a full grown Dinosaur is revealed

According to the paleontologists, the dinosaurs that existed 160 million years ago had a full featured drumstick legs with big wings that are exactly same as any bird. These Dinosaur species were found in different parts of China.

These Dinosaurs species had the bird like arms that looks like wings. After certain research, it and that these Dinosaurs species had wings which are stronger than any other bird that ever existed. Scientists have also conducted some high powered laser test that revealed the invisible features of these Dinosaur species. These laser tests were done with fluorescent lights under Visible light rays which target the soft tissues that lie under the stripes bones.

These researchers have revealed that these creatures evolved 150 million years ago, 10 million years after giant Dinosaurs came into existence. These species are called as Flying Dinosaurs. According to Michael Pittman from University of Hong Kong, “In this study, what we’ve done is we’ve used high-powered lasers to reveal unseen soft tissues preserved alongside the bones of a feathered dinosaur called Anchiornis.” Hence, here we got the name of these species.

Another scientist, Doctor Stephen Brusatte who was not involved with the research informed BBC News website, “This study uses high-powered lasers to generate the single best look at the wings and body outline of a dinosaur ever. The laser images clearly show that this non-bird dinosaur had wings that were remarkably similar to those of living birds, down to the soft tissues.” Though Dr. Stephen was not involved with the research, he apparently supported the entire research system and talked positively about the upcoming results.

Later, after the research, it was informed to the media that these Dinosaur species named as Anchiornis lived in China during the late Jurassic Period. These creatures were misunderstood as the first bird species. However, later it was revealed that these creatures are flying Dinosaurs. Anchiornis had black body with white strips and an orange crest around the crown area of the head.