A new research study conducted by a research team at the Leibniz University Hannover in the country of Germany,  state that intake of mineral water can prove to be an effective way to gain calcium along with dairy products including milk.In fact, the research denotes that mineral water can act as an effective alternative that is low calorie in comparison to consuming milk  or intake of supplements to fulfill the daily requiremnet of calsiumby the body. The research has been published in the American College of Nutrition’s Joyrnal.

The reserachers and study experst have gone through   how well  the human body can  cinduct absorption  of calcium  from 5 very different products, which contain calcium in 300 mg  quantities. The constituents also include 3 kinds of calcium rich  milk, mineral water and  supplement of calcium. Men and woemn in 21 numbers took part in the research study that presented the manner in which calcium  from 5 differfent sources was absorpbed by the body  was found to be no different.  To add to that,it was also observed that the presence of  various minerals in the  waters  was not  found to have any  implications in the absoroption of calcium.

In accordance to the  Thersa Greupnar of Leibniz University Hannover,”Mineral water’s specific feature  as  a good source of calcium can be regarded as  an alteranative to milk and other diary products that are free of calorie. In this era of fast increase in the number of obese and overweight people,  it is crucial to minimise the  intake of energy and promoting the alternatives so as to satisfy the demand for calcium  other than various diary products such as milk that has high calorie.” The content of mineral on the water can be  known by reading the label.