Fun and instant-worthy  but you need to handle with care when having liquid nitrogen
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Fun and instant-worthy but you need to handle with care when having liquid nitrogen

New Delhi, Jul 5:  The sensational incident of  a 40-year-old Delhi  man losing a part of his stomach while  gulping a drink that was laced  in liquid nitrogen  has become a statement for revision of the molecular gastronomy,   which is the newest  fad of the foodies in India with ice cream chains,  bars  and restaurants serving haute cuisine who are fond of creating magic on the table.

When a bar in Gurgaon served the man with  a tempting smoky drink and forgot to remind the customer to take a sip after waiting for a while, it dragged spotlight on the need for proper training and the dangers that it had on life.

Liquid nitrogen, that is used as a crucial ingredient for the purpose of instant cooling or “flash freezing” also makes the drink or food “ insta-worthy”  by giving them additional visual appearance with the fuming effects, states restaurater  Priyank Sukhija.

“ It is being used by many restaurants for many years. It not only helps in giving the cooling effect to the food or drink but also makes the dishes or drinks  insta-worthy”. It is  also more about the drama of visualization,” Adds  Sukhija, who happens to own a chain of restaurants in the NCR  including the Teddy Bear and the Lord of the Drinks, stated PTI.

Liquid nitrogen has a freezing temperature at  -210 degrees C and is mostly used in lacing the drink in maintaining cooler temperatures from outside temperatures.

It results in rapid freezing of the tissues and cells in the human body when consumed which further leads to perforation. This is what happened in the case of Delhi man. He survived, however, others may not get that lucky.

The whole incident has lead to the arguments of whether calling a ban on the use of liquid nitrogen in food and beverages.