Most Crucial Phase of US Presidential Election
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Most Crucial Phase of US Presidential Election

The crucial presidential contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden now solely depends on some of the status’s final results. Each of the states with a different set of rules on counting votes and contesting results get delayed.
Wisconsin is all set for a recount, and Pennsylvania is among some states which are subject to lawful fights. Five other states have yet to be called by at least some chief networks, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

The Associated Press (AP) has called for Biden. Biden was leading forward than Donald Trump by 46,000 votes on Thursday night. The next outcomes from Maricopa, Arizona’s largest county, came at 9 a.m. local time.

If Trump’s campaign formally calls for a second opinion, it may take several days to process. In a rechecking of votes of the 2016 presidential election, counties completed the process within 10 days. Biden triumphed Michigan with 50.6 percent of the vote, equated with Trump’s 47.9 percent rendering to figures posted on the Michigan secretary of state website that displayed 5.5 million votes had been equated.

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A state court judge Thursday decided against an effort by Trump’s campaign to stop counting absconder votes until an election superintendent from each party was existing to detect the process. There’s still the likelihood of verification in Michigan, where the legal standard is comfortable for challengers to meet. If Biden’s lead gets qualified, it will toss a state Trump won in 2016 into Biden’s line and bring him to the edge of victory.

Biden has booked a narrow lead of about 11,000 votes as votes continue to be calculated. With nearly 190,000 votes left to be counted as of Thursday afternoon, as per the Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, results may not be impending.

Bottom line

With Biden leading and mail-in votes expected to slant Democratic, predictions look auspicious for him. Yet with a thin margin and lots of votes still to be counted, the timing of a final count remains inexact. However, it takes a week to get the complete results, but it has been evident that Biden is likely to be sworn in as the president.