05 Mar, 2024
3 mins read

Apple Announces New AI and Machine Learning Residency Program

Giant tech  company, Apple, has announced a new residency program which has been designed so as to encourage experts to apply their knowledge in a building machine-learning and AI-powered products. As the well known company continues with researching on how to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning on its devices, the company’s interest in recruiting […]

3 mins read

Flu Shots for all New Jersey Kids Would be Required in School and Daycare Under New Bill

In almost all parts of the United Stated (and worldwide) the rituals of September are disrupted, and a sense of foreboding remains about a possible second wave. In March and April, as ambulances passed through neighborhoods while hospitals were being full with covid patients,  summer seemed like a distant fantasy. Finally, after a few months, The […]

3 mins read

Take a Closer Look at Elon Musk’s Neuralink Surgical Robot

After Elon Musk demonstrated his startup Neuralink’s brain link device working in a pig named Gertrude, but the surgical robot the company debuted is of the same importance. The rounded, sci-fi design of the polycarbonate brain surgeon robot indeed looks quite futuristic, but the Vancouver-based industrial design firm Woke Studio is actually the one responsible […]

2 mins read

First 3D Model of an Unhatched Dinosaur Reveals Unknown Fact About Sauropods

The 1.2 inch wide fossil skull of an unhatched dinosaur, found preserved inside its egg in Patagonia, Argentina, revealed interesting details. The intact hatching ground of the long-necked, giant herbivores that wandered this preserved land about 80 million years ago was discovered back in 1997. Ever since then, it has revealed many secrets about the […]