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Children Using Smartphones

Children Gluing At Smartphones for Longer Time Are Predisposed To Dry-Eye Syndrome

Tablets and smartphones are proven to keep children busy and quite, and multiple types of research have verified this statement previously. But do you know, gluing at smartphones for the longer time can also...
Use of Tablet Computers

Use of Tablet Computers Can Curtail Agitation among Dementia Patients: Study

A new medical trial has come up with some positive news for the patients suffering from Dementia. As per the research, conducted by a researcher from the McLean Hospital, use of computer tablets has...
Dont use smartphones in Hospitals

Don’t take your cell phone inside hospital or ICU, It can infect patients: Scientists

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Isn’t true? But taking it everywhere can hamper other wellness. A group of international scientists recently has published a clinical trial paper, which warns...
Live Cell Imaging With 3D Printed Elements

Scientists Reveal Technique of Live Cell Imaging With 3D Printed Elements and Smartphone

Live cell imaging which used to be conducted through the time-lapse microscopy for detaining a better and clearer understanding of the biological function of the cellular dynamics has been privileged with a new ground-breaking...

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