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OnePlus has launched its Largest Global Experience store in India

A Pile of Mobile Phones and Back Covers arranged in a Showcase of a Prominent Store

OnePlus has unveiled huge news. They have launched the biggest OnePlus Experience Store in Hyderabad for their customers. It is a 16,000 square feet store and has been named the OnePlus Nizam Palace.

The store is decked up with interactive desks which are used to display the catalogs of the products. There is a large center for customer service, designed with cubicles made from glass so that the customers can meet and greet each other by maintaining a physical distance. These cubicles are also places where customers can consult service executives. There are visual display systems in the store of OnePlus, designed exclusively after keeping in mind the customer’s requirement.

These display systems have the newly launched model OnePlus 8T which will function on the 5G network. This store is a constructive way of elevating and leveraging the awareness for the brand as well as its experience related to retail. With this fancy, more and more people will come to know about this top-class brand. Consequently, it will work as a profitable marketing strategy.

This is basically a New Experience store which was also the first-ever launch of the OnePlus community-led store. This Nizam Palace store is hailed as a part of the brand’s endeavor to leverage their offline presence, especially in a competitive market like this. The strategy is entirely working based on an omnichannel medium.

OnePlus Mobile placed in a Gift Cover

The store is exhibiting an amazing response from the OnePlus customers in India. Since complete transparency is provided in service-related knowledge and practical applications, this store has proved to one of their best marketing initiatives.

The visual display section in the store highlights the futuristic and progressive elements of the brand, a very innovative experience for the consumers. it is embedded with a holographic display. Focusing on the key features offered by the products under this brand. It also emulates a camera lens experience.

The starting of this store shows complete compliance with the Covid-19 precautions. All the safety measures have been undertaken strictly. Hygiene practices are being practiced after adhering completely to Government protocols. They are following health and safety precautions like thorough sanitization of the store, maintaining social distance, checking the temperature of the staff members, and using masks mandatorily.

The store is aligned with the brand philosophy of going forward with a burdenless design. The company is always looking ahead to provide its customers with brand new experiences and also catering to their individual needs. While safety is their utmost priority in this pandemic, they are attentively reaching out and serving the customers too.

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