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Keep Your Budget: 5 Free Finance Apps for Different Needs

Imagine booking a Budget car rental Detroit Airport and enjoying a two-week-long American road trip. After 10 days from the start of the trip, you find that there’s almost nothing left of your travel budget. So, car rental is pretty cheap. Refueling a rented car is also not too expensive. But where did the money go? The answer is simple – you spent them all! 

Fortunately, this situation might not arise if you were using a financial application to keep track of your budget. Yes, today your smartphone can do more than just make calls and browse the Internet. It can be your best financial assistant in any life situation – at work, at home, in the store, and while traveling. The main thing is to install the correct applications on your smartphone. Well, now check out the 5 best financial apps for your smartphone.


1Money is a high-quality financial analysis application. Its main advantage is a convenient minimalistic design with all the basic functions. There’s nothing superfluous on board the program. It features cool widgets with income and expenses on the screen, subcategories that you can customize and name yourself, notes, as well as visual statistics with numbers and graphs. Home screen customization, cloud sync, dark and light theme are also at your disposal. As for security, the app uses the customer’s fingerprint login. 

In pursuit of optimality and simplicity, 1Money could not avoid one drawback. The application can’t extract data from bank notifications or read the information on receipts. You have to enter everything manually. However, 1Money is perfect for those who are interested in financial accounting without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Handy Money 

You can easily organize financial accounting if you install Handy Money on your smartphone. Together with this program, you get ample opportunities to control and optimize your own spending. Here you can quickly add and track purchases, record transfers, and exchange transactions, create templates for recurring payments, track your and other people’s debts, and plan a budget. 

Like any good finance app, Handy Money can intercept information directly from SMS and PUSH notifications from your banks. An additional nice feature is a support for voice data entry because it’s not always possible to tinker with them manually. Convenient widgets are also worth special attention. They are quite descriptive, comfortable, and not irritating to the eyes. Handy Money also provides a calendar for detailed display of expenses for any day, application protection in the form of a PIN code or a fingerprint scanner. Plus, the application doesn’t require registration, as it stores all the data on your Google account.


Monefy is suitable for those users who want to control their family or travel budget as simple as possible. In addition to being free of charge, the application has a modern and very well thought-out interface with nice-looking icons and a good starting set of functions. You can clearly break down expenses into categories and subcategories. At the same time, the app provides all the tools you need to keep track of loans and other daily or monthly payments. 

In addition, there are visual widgets with which you can quickly mark costs and profits. Monefy also generates graphs that give you the full picture of your financial transactions. Unfortunately, not all budgeting apps can automatically track information from SMS and get it from receipts. Monefy is one of them. You will have to enter data manually, and the developers, of course, tried to make it take as little time as possible. However, in any case, this may discourage some users from using this program.


CoinKeeper offers users an application for mobile platforms, as well as a web version that you can use on a PC. A unique feature of the application is its interface, which allows you to quickly add income or expenses using “coins” on the main screen of the program. 

The major features of the service are standard for all applications of this type. For example, the user can set monthly budgets, plan expenses, keep a joint financial account, and also use multiple devices for accounting by using cloud sync. The application also makes it possible to save money for desired purchases, convert them into other currencies, and so on. Other features of the program include recurring payment reminders, spending statistics, and reports, debt tracking, data export to CSV, and password protection. By the way, CoinKeeper automatically recognizes SMS messages from any bank and enters the data into its database.


It will be easier to control your expenses if using Bluecoins. With this application, you can easily and without unnecessary troubles keep track of your finances. The application is able to track and record changes in the balance on your bank cards helps to control income and expenses, as well as plan a budget. 

Bluecoins builds charts and graphs based on money transactions so that the user can clearly see how much and for what purposes he is spending money. The calendar function allows you to view all transactions on a specific day. You can also mark spending in Bluecoins manually if you suddenly paid in cash. True, this is not as fast a process as you would like. However, the application has an excellent level of security – you can set additional passwords or fingerprint logins. Other advantages include a nice interface and several color themes to choose from.

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