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Simple Packing Tips For Your Summer Holiday!

Now that we can go on holiday again, it’s time to start thinking about packing! Often packing for a holiday is a very stressful time, but we are here to make it much easier. Get organised and invest in a few different things and the run up to going on holiday will be much calmer! 


Remember To Keep An Airport Outfit To One Side

Before you start packing anything, decide what you will be wearing to the airport and keep this to one side. The last thing you want is to pack everything neatly, only to realise that you don’t have anything to wear for the airport! So, pick out something comfy, like a jumpsuit or full tracksuit and lay it out next to your case so you aren’t in a rush trying to find an outfit the day you fly. 


Invest In A Good Toiletries Bag

Next up, you should definitely invest in a good quality toiletries bag. When you check in baggage, they tend to get thrown around a bit, often causing toiletries to break and leak in your suitcase. So, you should get yourself a good quality bag that is slightly padded to provide protection, and also one that is leak proof in case anything does break. Just to be safe, it is also worth putting your toiletry bag into a bin bag, so if anything does break and leak, there is one extra layer to stop it ruining your clothes! 


Roll Your Clothes Rather Than Folding

Our next tip is to roll your clothes rather than folding, as this takes up far less space and your clothes won’t be creased when you arrive! To do this, simply fold your clothes once on a seam and then roll from there. Life will be so much easier when you arrive on holiday and you will also find you have more space in your suitcase when you pack efficiently. 


Pack 2 Bin Bags For Dirty Clothes

To make your life easier when you get back from your holiday, pack a couple of bin bags. When you are away, you can open up the bin bags and once your clothes are dirty, place them straight in the bin bag. When it comes to packing, you can then simply tie up the bin bags and place them into your suitcase. You can then place the clothes straight in the washing machine to make the dreaded holiday washing much easier! If you’re really organised when you’re away, you could organise your dirty clothes into two separate bin bags, one for colours and one for whites, to make everything even easier when you get home. 


Layer Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags Between Delicate Items

Another tip we have is to keep hold of any plastic dry cleaning bags and then you can layer them between delicate items. If you are taking something away that is particularly prone to damage, like a silk shirt, lay down one of the plastic dry cleaning bags, then place your delicate item on top, followed by another plastic dry cleaning bag. This way, there won’t be an opportunity for other items to catch your delicate clothing, to keep it nice and safe. 


Be Careful With Your Jewellery! 

When travelling, it is really easy for jewellery to get tangled together, causing it to tarnish. So, get yourself a portable jewellery box so that nothing gets tangled. This will also make life easier when you arrive, as you won’t have to spend your time untangling anything. If you don’t have space for a small jewellery box, then a few soft pouches will do the trick to keep everything in good condition!


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