26 Feb, 2024
3 mins read

NASA is planning to launch a rover & a helicopter on the Mars in 2020

On May 5, NASA launched its InSight lander which is estimated to land on the Martian surface later this year. The space agency has launched a number of rovers, orbiters, and landers to the red planet with Curiosity being the latest in operation. But, according to the reports that surfaced recently, NASA is ready to […]

2 mins read

Commercial space companies are looking at Vandenberg Air Force Base for future operations, says Colonel

Most of the commercial space companies are eying the Vandenberg Air Force Base for future launch operations, Colonel Gregory Wood has said during an annual speech. Col. Gregory Wood is the 30th Space Wing vice commander and talked about the success and future challenges of Vandenberg Air Force Base during a joint luncheon of community […]

3 mins read

NASA blames dust storms for loss of atmospheric gases and water on Mars

Earth’s red neighbor is soon going to experience 2018’s most severe colossal dust storms. The news has many astronomers and researchers excited for the fact that Mars hadn’t had a global dust storm since 2007, and it is going be the first storm after almost a decade and a year. While we could hardly witness the earlier […]