19 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Earth’s magnetic poles can switch in future with severe consequences, ESA scientists warn

In a term of just 200 years, the magnetic field of Earth has shown a decline by 15 percent and is gradually declining further as each day passes. Scientists have been worried whether this rapid decline could be followed by a flip which could expose us to the devastating radiations from space. These observations have […]

2 mins read

Earth is a hollow sphere and Aliens, Nazis, Vikings live beneath the planet

The year 2017 has been a weird year overall if we pay attention to science, technology, space or politics too. You have probably noticed unusual events now here comes one more puzzle, according to the latest conspiracy theory about our planet. Now the theorists have some vulnerable reasons that will let you believe in the […]

2 mins read

Heat Forces from Earth’s Core Drives Tectonic Plate Dynamics, New Scientific Theory Suggests

It is a time-honored belief that Earth’s Tectonic Plate Dynamics are largely driven by the off-putting buoyancy generated as they cool. But a new study has raised question over this hypothesis and come up with a new theory which suggests heat force generated from earth’s core to be the primary driver of Tectonic Plate of […]

2 mins read

Geologists Identify Silicon as Missing Element In Earth’s Core   

The mystery about the missing element of earth’s core that has kept scientists eluded for decades is finally claimed to be solved. A team of international Geologists has finally brought the long-haul mystery about the missing element of Earth’s Core to an end, by identifying Silicon as the third missing element. After iron and nickel, […]