President Donald Trump’s budget can deteriorate Earth’s education cost
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President Donald Trump’s budget can deteriorate Earth’s education cost

President Donald Trump recently unveiled his new budget for the year 2017. His budget seems to focus more on NASA’s development. He made a clear cut budget for NASA to shift its focus from Earth to outer space. However, it is not sure, where he wants to lead NASA’s vision.

President Donald Trump’s new budget clearly focus on research for Jupiter’s icy’s Moon rather than on Earth’s science education. He cut off budget from education programs but included that extra amount of fund on Mars mission. It seems that President Donald Trump’s budget is slightly biased towards Cyberspace programs rather than on science education system.

However, the overall budget says, President Donald Trump’s budget would shrink funding for NASA slightly, to $19.1 billion from about $19.3 billion, according to a blueprint of the president’s budget requests for 2018.

The largest portion of funds would go to the agency’s human exploration division, with $3.7 billion for the Orion crew vehicle and Space Launch System (SLS) large rocket, spacecraft that NASA says will one day get humans to Mars. The outlined budget also instructs NASA to “investigate approaches for reducing the costs of exploration missions to enable a more expansive exploration program.”

The interview of President Donald Trump’s budget system reads, “The budget increases cooperation with industry through the use of public-private partnerships, focuses on the nation’s efforts on deep space exploration rather than Earth-centric research, and develops technologies that would achieve U.S. space goals and benefit the economy,”

Last President Barack Obama shows a lot of interest in Mars mission. But Donald Trump’s new budget doesn’t show any interest in Mars mission. He instead showed interest in outer space like Jupiter’s icy Moon and Saturn’s distorted Moon. With such messed up a budget system, it was difficult to tell what President Donald Trump is up to. Trump has recently hinted that he is interested in returning astronauts to the moon, perhaps as soon as the first-ever SLS test flight in 2018 is launched.

The total cut to the Earth science budget is $102 million which is almost 5 percent of the program’s annual budget. It almost exclusively targets the Moon missions aimed at understanding climate change and also the ocean monitoring program PACE; the Orbiting Carbon ­Observatory-3; the Deep Space Climate Observatory; and the CLARREO Pathfinder, which measures heat in Earth’s atmosphere.

The NASA Education office provides internships and scholarships to young scientists from all over the world. They also run various space camps and enrichment programs to encourage young scientists. NASA Education office also hosts different camps especially for women who are interested in making a bright career in NASA’s space research. But eyeing President Donald Trumps’ new budget system, there is no scope for NASA education office to host any training camps further.

President Donald Trump must better be heading somewhere with his new budget or else this might lead to the major drawback in the space education of Earth.