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SpaceX Gears up To Recommence Falcon 9’s Take off on 8th January


Elon Musk’s owned space company – SpaceX, after diagnosing the glitch in the launch system, now is on the move to resume the take off of its unsuccessful Falcon 9 rocket next week. After conducting a detailed investigation into why one of its designed rockets blazed on a launch pad during the launch mission that dates back four months, the American Space Firm is all set to take its Falcon 9 rocket into the air on 8th January. The take-off is scheduled to hold at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, said the industry official of SpaceX.

The tentative blast off of a Falcon 9 rocket during a pre-launch test program on 1st September 2016, the engineers of SpaceX arranged an exhaustive diagnosis program. Now, the engineers of the company are likely to have identified the cause of the spectacular explosion that triggered the complete destruction of its booster and satellite payload of worth $195 million, the American-based firm announced on Monday.

Now as everything has checked out, Elon Musk’s company is gearing up for the launch program on 8th of this month. The rocket Falcon 9 will take off with a series of satellites for the Iridium Communications Inc. The series of satellite consists of 10 next-generation communications satellites which will be placed into orbit for carrying out the communication programs of Iridium Communications Inc. The project, which was on hold since September 2016 fireball, finally will be resumed in next Sunday morning.

According to the SpaceX engineers, the mishap of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station was triggered because of the technical malfunction in the persuasive helium tank of the rocket, one of three used to compel the next stage liquid oxygen container. After going through a comprehensive diagnosis program and putting remedial actions in proper place, the company on Monday confirmed about its resume flight planning for the launch of Falcon 9 with 10 satellites from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, located in the northwest of Los Angeles on Jan. 8. The ultra-powerful rocket will install 10 Iridium NEXT space probes telephone transmits stations into the course.

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