NASA’s Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan Head off the Bureau
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NASA’s Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan Head off the Bureau

Chief scientist of NASA, Ellen Stofan is reported to head off the agency for the search of another adventure and NASA, recently, took an online platform to publicize this news. After serving the agency for more than three years in the top advisory position, Ellen Stofan on 21st December 2016 reported about her departure from the US-based space agency. Bearing an all-in-one personality, Ellen Stofan used to work as a terrestrial geologist, scholastic and researcher in NASA all through the 1990s, and in August 2013, she made a remarkable come back to NASA as the chief scientist. However, as NASA is refreshing the leadership for its scientific projects, Ellen Stofan called it quit to her more than three years of job.

NASA publically marked Stofan’s departure in an online interview with the agency uploaded on its Tumblr social media account on 21st December. In the online interview, NASA confirmed ‘Stofan is “departing the agency for new adventures,’ but there were no more specific details regarding this.

Before 21st December’s social media publication, Ellen Stofan, in an interview on astrobiology symposium conducted by the National Academies’ Space Studies Board in Irvine, California, roundabout her soon departure from NASA. In the interview held on 5th December, Stofan said, “there are only two weeks remain to my departure from NASA, so I guess that lessening symbol of ‘the poster having my name fell off a stage’ is some signal of this.”

Though currently, no confirmed data about her exit from the agency has been publicized, the spokesperson of NASA Dwayne Brown said it to take place soon. The projects for searching alien life are the undertakings on which NASA is currently focusing most. Whether it is to search lives on Mars, an ocean-like world on Jupiter’s moon Europa, or maybe one of the many habitable planets which can host alien life, NASA is currently giving the utmost priority to hunt aliens.

Ellen Stofan was the chief scientist of NASA and used to serve the agency as the main consultant to the science issues, including tactical preparation of NASA science agendas and harmonization with other government firms and other scientific community. But she never has been directly associated with the Science Mission Directorate programs of NASA.