NASA Describes Its Incredible Voyage from Earth to Pluto in a Spectacular Video
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NASA Describes Its Incredible Voyage from Earth to Pluto in a Spectacular Video

NASA, the US-based space agency knows how to soar the temperature in the space industry! With interval launches of images and teaser videos of different space missions, NASA has been giving the space enthusiasts some glimpses of the world beyond earth and the recent addition to this line-up is a colorful video on Pluto. NASA recently has published a colorful video of its imaginative journey from the third planet of the solar system to the last dwarf planet – Pluto.

The real landing of astronauts on the barren surface of Pluto is a distant future. The perspectives about the trip of astronauts to Pluto are under experiment and high-tech spacecraft are yet to be made. However, before attempting in real, NASA has taken the help of computerized effects and has created a slideshow of a journey from Earth to Pluto, giving glimpses of how the last planet of the solar system would look like.

The video is created from more than 100 images, clicked from the New Horizons probe. The video is a first-of-its-kind formation of NASA, which is giving a complete description of the incredible voyage from Earth to the dwarf and infertile surface of Pluto. Engineers of NASA have by making a flawless fusion of footage taken from onboard cameras have created the video.

The images, from which the slideshow is created, were taken by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, during its six weeks of loom and close flyby of the Pluto in the summer of 2015. The video is a complete fairy-tale about what is Pluto and what would it be like to essentially touchdown the surface of it? According to NASA, for creating the movie, the engineers of the agency made a perfect fusion of more than 100 pictures, clicked during the Pluto mission of NASA. In the video, the agency has described the entire journey of from earth to Pluto.

With a far-flung sight of Pluto and its largest moon Charon, the video starts and goes up to an ultimate journey for a ‘touchdown’ on the surface of Pluto’s casually named Sputnik Planitia. The video is an imagined description of Pluto’s landing with a multicolored renovation. Made by NASA, the video is quite lively and can make you assume like a cosmonaut jumping to a new realm.