ISRO Is Making Best Use of Technological Availabilities to Address Earth’s Quandaries
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ISRO Is Making Best Use of Technological Availabilities to Address Earth’s Quandaries

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is making the best use of technology for tackling the issues faced by earth, said Kiran Kumar, the Chairperson of ISRO while inaugurating a two-day ”Mega Science Fair” in a private school at Puducherry. During an inauguration in Puducherry, ISRO’s chief Kiran Kumar addressed the media by the statement, which reads:

“Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is giving its best effort to draw on the technological advancements and availabilities for tackling the quandaries and setbacks faced by the earth in advancing the educational competence and enhancing telemedicine capacity for the inhabitants of the secluded locations and islands of the world.”

Taking the statement further, Kiran Kumar said, the hallmark of ISRO is to draw on the capability of technology for enhancing earth’s requirement of education and telemedicine needs in remote areas. Giving brief highlights about ISRO’s ambitious Chandrayaan-II mission, agency’s chief said, following the successful Chandrayaan I, it will be the second lunar exploration mission of ISRO.

It is currently being developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Under this operation, the Indian agency is planned to launch a Lander on Moon by using a Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV Mk II). The mission also includes a high-end lunar orbiter, Lander, and rover, which will help the agency to explore the hidden facts about Earth’s only natural satellite – Moon. ISRO is currently getting ready for taking off the Chandrayaan-2 by the end of 2018, confirmed ISRO’s Chief.

As said by Kiran Kumar, during the upcoming mission, ISRO will test and employ multiple revolutionary technologies as well as will conduct new space experiments. The wheeled rover of Chandrayaan II will travel through the lunar surface and will collect lunar samples like soil or rock for on-site chemical trial. The data of the analysis will be transmitted to Earth in the course of the orbiter, included in Chandrayaan-2.

While inaugurating the two-day Mega Science Fair at Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School here, Mr. Kiran Kumar said that ISRO, since its inception has evolved many innovative approaches, and has a full indigenous potential to make more advancements in space research industry.