How aliens would look like and when will we meet them, reveals Physicist Michio Kaku
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How aliens would look like and when will we meet them, reveals Physicist Michio Kaku

Many people here on Earth are fascinated by aliens. Although the scientists have not been able to trace any extraterrestrial life yet, the search for the same has been intensified. Recently, theoretical physicist and Michio Kaku revealed some interesting facts about aliens in his new book “The Future of Humanity. In the book, Kaku wrote about aliens, their chance of making contact with humans and how they will react when they encounter the humans.

In the book, Kaku also mentioned the looks of the aliens. According to Kaku, in future, human civilization will become more advanced and will develop new cutting-edge technologies that will lead them closer to aiming contact with alien life. Scientists have hypothesized about the fact that extraterrestrial life might be possible in far-off worlds much different from Earth.

Like humans, they might be advancing their technology or skills to make contact with other worlds or to keep an eye on other worlds. Kaku consulted some exobiology experts and theorists specializing in hypothetical alien life forms present in distant worlds and came up with a list of necessary features that the aliens should possess to match up with the humans. According to Kaku, the aliens would have Stereo Vision, two eyes capable of focusing on a single object, just like humans. Stereo vision helps the hunters or predators to catch their prey. Kaku wrote, “In all likelihood, intelligent aliens in space will have descended from predators that hunted for their food.”

Kaku further wrote that depicting aliens as hunters does not mean that they will be aggressive or attack us but we need to be cautious about that as their ancestors long ago might have been predators. Another must-have feature is the presence of thumbs in aliens, as per Kaku. Opposable thumbs or grasping appendages played a major role in the rise of primates. The thumbs would help them catch their prey and also create tools, thus strengthening their chances of making contact. The third important feature that alien should possess is the language. In order to hand down and accumulate essential information from generation to generation, some form of language is crucial,” Kaku wrote.

Kaku also predicted that the ice-covered moons are the places more prone to hosting alien life because there the life would exist underwater. Although Kaku predicted that aliens need to have stereo vision, grasping thumps and some sort of language to have any contact with humans, he did not mention about the shape or size of the aliens or in what form they are present in the outside worlds.

Many scientists believe in the existence of alien life and they are trying to connect by sending signals in space. Stephen Hawking, a well-known scientist has warned humans on the earth to stop connecting with these aliens. He speculates that connecting with an advanced civilization might be risky for both the earth, and its civilization.

Hawking might be the person with the greatest interest in finding the civilization in the Universe, and his efforts are indeed exemplary. But, it also holds true at the same time that he has never been a supporter of the attempts to connect with the aliens. He stops humans from connecting with the aliens with fears in mind that these aliens might find us and attack us.

However, Hawking’s warnings are based on the perception that an alien civilization, which is efficient enough in receiving or answering a signal, holds every possibility of being billions of year more developed than the humans on this earth.

Meanwhile, a radio astronomer at MIT believes that aliens do exist and for some reasons they are hiding from us. John A. Ball came with a notion known as ‘Zoo Theory’ to prove why we have failed to make contacts with aliens until now. According to Ball, aliens are purposefully hiding from us and trying to avoid contact with humans.

Ball believes that extraterrestrial life is more intelligent than human race on Earth, but they are not advance enough to dominate the universe; thus, they keep an eye on our activities from far. He went on to say that the alien creatures are inquisitive and cannot keep themselves away from Earth for a long time that is why we constantly hear the stories of UFO sightings these days.