Alien hunters spot UFO flying over Lunar surface, Watch Video
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Alien hunters spot UFO flying over Lunar surface, Watch Video

A UK citizen from the city of Bristol is claiming that he saw many different sized unidentified object flying behind the moon. The 35-year-old-man, who has opted to keep his name hidden, said that he saw a UFO-like big object accompanied by small unidentified objects hurtling on the moon background. Along with him many other people of Bristol also managed to photograph this mysterious UFO-like object flying in the night sky close to Moon.

The man claimed that he saw a giant UFO or alien ‘mothership’, and several other smaller objects moving at high speed on the moon background in the night sky of Bristol. He even filmed the possible UFO sighting
He told the Bristol Post that he witnessed those flying objects from his flat in Easton. “The main UFO was some distance away – it looked like it was bouncing off the moon,” the man said. The man said that he had witnessed such unidentified flying objects before but this was the first time that he was able to record the mysterious flying objects. In the video, one could clearly see the moon before the entry of another bright unknown object into the frame.

According to the man, the main UFO-like object or the mother ship was very big. “I reckon the mothership was the size of two to three football fields, at least,” he said. He further informed that there were two or three mysterious flying objects altogether but the focus was mainly on the mothership as it was very big considering its large distance. Another eyewitness said, “I was a witness to the alien ships right out of my apartment in Portland. The main UFO was at a distance from others.

Recently, A UFO researcher has claimed that he spotted two mysterious UFO-like objects on the lunar surface. George Graham, a Scottish UFO researcher said that when he was analyzing the pictures taken by Chinese lunar probe spacecraft Chang’e 3, he spotted those two mysterious objects on the lunar surface. One was looking like an alien and another was looking like a flying saucer hiding behind a big rock, as revealed in the two separate videos uploaded by Graham on his YouTube Channel ‘Streetcap1′.

It is not the first time that conspiracy theorists have reported of seeing a UFO near Moon. Previously, the live feed of the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ came in with a mysterious object zooming past the moon as people looked at the beautiful coppery glow of the moon. Conspiracy theorists suggested that this object could be none other than a UFO as no technology made by a human could ever move past the moon at such high speed.

A witness who saw the live feed stated that a white object could be seen traveling at a lightning fast speed alongside the left half of the moon in a downward direction. After a certain point, it could no longer be seen as it went out of frame. The peculiar thing about this object was its trail that had a pulsating light which flashed at regular intervals like someone was controlling it.

Another such event was seen by Luis Verdiales, an amateur astronomer from the city of Puerto Rico during the penumbral eclipse of the moon in the year 2017 in February. However, this black disc-like structure acted just opposite to the one seen during the Super Blue Blood Moon. It was slow, unlike the white structure during this year’s event. The object was moving too slow which ruled out the possibility of it being a satellite. However, the event was studied by experts from aviation and turned out it was Google’s balloon.

In an astonishing find, alien hunters also saw three Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying near International Space Station which suggested that Earth might not be the only place in the universe to possess life and alien life might exist on some distant planet. Alien seekers were watching the NASA live feed when they spotted three mysterious objects flying near ISS, and they have recorded the video for the proof.