Research says this unique bulletproof graphene suit material is harder than diamond
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Research says this unique bulletproof graphene suit material is harder than diamond

According to the latest reports, scientists have managed to develop a unique graphene sheet that can be used to save the life all over the globe. A team of experts at Advanced Science Research Centre at New York build this sheet. Scientists discovered that two layers of graphene could become a lightweight bulletproof sheet.

Experts claimed that if impacted by any fast moving object, this object will become harder than diamond. This means that when a bullet hits the graphene sheet, it will become hard as diamond and will absorb all the effects. Experts named this fragile layer as diamene.

The researcher Elisa Riedo, the physics professor at ASRC, said that this is the thinnest layer with such stiffness and hardness of diamond ever formed. “Earlier, when we examined graphite or a single atomic layer of graphene, we would apply pressure and feel a very soft film. But when the graphite film was exactly two-layers thick, all of a sudden we realized that the material under pressure was becoming extremely hard and as stiff, or stiffer than bulk diamond,” said Riedo.

This material works due to its atomic structure, each atom in the lattice has three electrons firmly in bond and one left to wander around. Wen two graphene sheets are pressed together by force, the wandering electrons link up and form the atomic structure of diamond. Researchers found out that this reaction will occur with two graphene sheets only. Scientists also ran computer simulated models and observed the consequences when two layered sheets of graphene are subjected to instant pressure. The investigators found out that the graphite-diamond switch happens with two layers.

Angelo Bongiorno, the chemistry professor at CUNY college of state Island and a scientist in the research, said that these both graphite and diamond are the forms of carbon, but the atoms are arranged differently in each material, giving them unique properties like hardness, flexibility, and conduction. Our new techniques enables us to manipulate graphite so that it can take on the beneficial properties of a diamond under specific situations. Bulletproof vests might only be the beginning for the remarkable material.