People will see two supermoons, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse in January (Video+)
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People will see two supermoons, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse in January (Video+)

It seems that this New Year will bring a something unusual and interesting for the people. There are some events in line to amaze the people. Well, all the people may not get the chance to see those beautiful events. As per the new report, during the New Year, the sky will be adorned by two supermoons, a blue moon, and a full lunar eclipse. People will get to see these three events on the same night.

Talking more about this, the report informs that, this will be the first full supermoon of the month, and it will happen on 2nd January. It is also termed as the Wolf Moon.  As per NASA, it is the second supermoon in a trilogy that began in early December. During the supermoon, the moon passes closer to Earth. That’s why it looks bigger. The supermoon looks around 40 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than the normal moon.

On the other hand, Chris Dolce, a meteorologist stated that during that time the weather would be dray and cold across the central and eastern states. He further stated that, in the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast, the supermoon would not be clearly visible as clouds may create trouble in those areas but the Rockies and Southwest area, the people will get a clear view of this event.

After that, in the same month, people will see the second supermoon which is also known as the blue moon. It will happen on around 31st January. It is not rare as it happens once every 2.7 years. But in some areas, like in Asia and eastern Australia, the date will be 1st February.  On the same night, in some areas, people may see a total lunar eclipse. For the people living in the western United, states will get clear visibility of total lunar eclipse.