Male fish found to be mutating into females due to the waste chemicals, warnings by experts
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Male fish found to be mutating into females due to the waste chemicals, warnings by experts

Heightened controls need to be considered on the chemicals which can have a feminisng effect on the male fish and result in many other effects that are sub-lethal in nature, as stated by a leading eco-toxicologist.

Almost after 10 years, Professor  Charles Tyler has helped in revealing the manner in which the effects of drugs used by the humans are significant in the wildlife, he warned the scientists who have been concerned at an increasing rate regarding the effects of hundreds of waste chemicals.

Most of the chemicals from the wastages derive from the industrial processes, however, other drugs are being consumed by people who happen to pass through them into the environment and into the sewers, by simply getting flushed into the toilet directly.

Straightway from Exeter University, Professor Tyler will be discussing the matter in his speech on the occasion of 50th Anniversary Symposium of the Fisheries Society in the British Isles.

Professor Tyler took part in the major research in the year 2008 which happened to find about a quarter of male roach which was collected from 51 different sites on the rivers of England to show the signs of turning into females, like having eggs in their male testicles.

In some of the rivers, all the fishes of the male roach breed were found to  possess  a feminised  sign to a high extent due to the  increased levels of oestrogen  that is utilized along with the progestin present in almost all the pills for birth control in order to prevent ovulation  and it is also present in some quantities in other drugs.

Different chemicals can have different effects on various parts of the body of the fishes like the brain, liver, and heart as stated by the study.